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Channel drain installation case-Business zone

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Channel drain installation case-Business zone

Case in china
business zone drainage system
Drains can be made to disappear or they can be used as an architectural feature

The channel drain should be sized for the flows required.  Landscape drains don't need to be sized for storm frequencies like roadway drains.  There is no high speed traffic to pose safety concenrs.
Choosing the channel

Typically a precast trench drain system is used in these applications for the ease of installation.  Light loading does not warrant a heavy duty trench channel or frame.  Fiberglass or plastic bodies are typically used.

Pay close attention to the exposed frame at the top of the system to ensure the color and material match with the grate style that is chosen.

Sealing channel joints is not critical unless chemicals will be entering the trench drain.  If you do have chemicals you will want the joints properly sealed.  If you want this done properly you must specify the sealant method and stress to the contractor that this be done properly.    HDPE channels should be welded together with a continuous heat welding process.

Applications that will see severe temperatures or changes in temperature should have similar thermal coefficients of expansion to that of the surrounding concrete encasement. One of the most prominent failure mechanisms for trench drains that receive foot traffic only is due to differing thermal coefficients of thermal expansion (especially when long trench runs are involved).  When the channel grows at a different rate than the surrounding concrete the channel material is stressed and eventually will fail.  This is always a factor outdoors and sometimes inside if fluid temperatures are elevated.  For more information see material properties.

Make sure that the outlet properly matches the design flow capacity.

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