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Large Volume Plastic Soakaway Crates

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Large Volume Plastic Soakaway Crates

Our system is designed to capture, filter and reuse our world’s most pre-cious resource…water. Intended as a storm water management solution, the flexibility of the system allows it to be utilized in avariety of unique applications including the provision of clean drinking water.
PP modular tank shall be the core part of rainwater collection system,it can used for water storage but not accuping the space as the new product; it has the ultra strong pressure bearing capacity; Each module has a 96% void ratio and provides a highly efficient SUDS-compliant water retention, attenuation or infiltation solution.
Product overview:

Iterm NO BZ-1270
Material PP
Colour Black
Size(mm) 1200*600*(H)700
Unit weight 27kg/tank
Water storage(L) 468
Load capacity 35T-45T/m2
Void ratio  90%-95% 
Tanks 2tanks/cmb
Application areas Can be mainly used for rainwater retention, attenuation, infultration in roads, parking lots, living communities, factories, enterprises, etc
Key benefits:
1. Space saving -With underground installation, the system will not occupy valuable subaerial space.
2. Lower Cost-Less costly than concrete and metal storage systems
3. Maximum Storage Capacity- Modular units allow flexibility of shape, ideal for narrow strips or restricted areas
4. Construted Rapidly -Intallation construction simplified and minimize the construction period
5. No Later Maintenance- Barely no post-maintenance after installation
6. Other benefites are listed below

Schematic diagram construction steps
Projects overview


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Add:No.15 tongan industrial park, huandong sea, xiamen, fujian province, China
TEL:+86 18106987998
FAX:+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 18106987998