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Underground Water Tank VS Concrete module

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Underground Water Tank VS Concrete module

Introduction of reinforced concrete reservoir
1. The construction process is complex, with multiple working procedures (formwork, steel binding, casting, maintenance, etc.). The construction period is long, and the construction is greatly affected by the season and weather.
2. Due to the requirements of the structure and construction technology, there are requirements for the conditions of the construction site.
3. The pool surface bears low load and cannot be reused.
4. Self-weight, easy to produce uneven settlement.
5. Poor crack resistance, easy to produce leakage.
6. Once the concrete structure is damaged, it is difficult to repair, strengthen and reinforce it.
7. Materials cannot be recycled after being discarded, causing secondary pollution to the environment.

PP module assembly reservoir introduction
The module is made of recycled, environment-friendly and energy-saving polyethylene material, which has strong bearing capacity and is durable, resistant to aging, high temperature and low temperature. It can be used normally in cold north or hot south.

PP rainwater module has the following characteristics: rainwater collection pool is composed of several rainwater collection modules.
1. Flexible product design
It is composed of several modules into a pool; the shape of the pool can be combined according to the needs of any combination, without site restrictions. It can be installed under the green, roads, squares, parking; sports ground underground. Not occupy the ground space, and not affect the landscape effect.
2. Long service life
The module adopts PP recycled material, which is durable, resistant to aging, high temperature and low temperature, and can adapt to various harsh environments.
3. Simple construction
Because use the method that the module joins together each other, so construction is simple, need not large machinery.
4. Convenient transportation
Transport is also very convenient. With split design, modules can be arbitrarily disassembled, saving valuable transport space. Fundamental change of conventional tank settlement, cracking, leakage and many other problems
5. Shorter construction period
The modules are assembled into boxes at the construction site, safe and fast. Greatly shorten the construction period, and even can achieve the same day excavation day backfill.
6. The environmental protection
The rainwater collection module is made of recycled and environment-friendly materials. It is green and environment-friendly. Deep underground does not damage the entire ecological environment. Collecting rainwater from roofs, gardens, lawns, paving areas and driveways.
7. Lower cost
Compared to a traditional reservoir, we reduce the cost of time, labor, transportation, and maintenance in multiple ways.
From the advantages and disadvantages of the above analysis, we can see why PP module can be generally recognized and used. PP module tank has the advantages of traditional concrete reservoir and also conforms to the modern urban construction and development of green energy saving and environmental protection concept.
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Add:No.15 tongan industrial park, huandong sea, xiamen, fujian province, China
TEL:+86 18106987998
FAX:+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 18106987998