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What is rainwater harvesting system?

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What is rainwater harvesting system?

Rainwater collection system refers to the whole process of rainwater collection. It can be divided into five parts: collecting rainwater through rainwater collection pipeline - abandoning drainage interception - PP rainwater collection pond to store rainwater - filtering and disinfection - purification and reuse. The collected rainwater can be used to irrigate crops, supplement groundwater, landscape environment, greening, car wash water, etc. Road flushing cooling water supplement, toilet flushing and other non-domestic water use purposes. 

System Introduction
Rainwater collection system is a system that collects rainwater according to demand, and after the treatment of collected rainwater, it meets the design and use standards. Nowadays, most of them are composed of abandoned flow filtration system, water storage system and purification system.
Rainwater collection system can be roughly divided into two categories according to the different sources of rainwater.
First, roof rainwater. Roof rainwater is relatively clean, with less impurities, sediment and other pollutants. It can be discharged directly into the water storage system through abandoned flow and simple filtration, and used after treatment.
2. Ground rainwater. There are many impurities in rainwater on the ground, and the sources of pollutants are complex. After discarding and roughly filtering, sediment must also be carried out before discharging into the water storage system.
Systematic Category Editing
According to the catchment area, the following are the ways to distinguish the catchment area:
(1) Water catchment on the roof of a building
(2) Ground, road and green space
(3) Parks and sports venues

System Feature 
Flow chart of rainwater collection and reuse process
Flow chart of rainwater collection and reuse process
Different rainwater collection processes are targeted, which can effectively deal with rainwater at different catchment surfaces. It can not only collect rainwater effectively, but also save costs reasonably and take into account the system's rainwater pretreatment, rainwater storage, rainwater deep purification, rainwater supply, water supply and system control. It is comprehensive and scientific. With a large number of new patents, professional devices and materials, it is convenient to solve the special problems in rainwater collection, such as waste water, water storage, water supply and so on. In the collection design, the use of electrical equipment should be avoided as much as possible, and the characteristics of rainwater self-flow should be used to discharge pollutants automatically, purify and collect pollutants, so as to achieve the characteristics of real energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and low cost. The whole system is controlled by the rainwater controller, which completes the functions of collection, purification, water supply, water replenishment and safety protection.

Collecting Meaning 
Rainwater collection system refers to the whole process of rainwater collection. Rainwater collection mainly includes four main aspects: initial abandonment - Filtration - storage - reuse. Completed these four stages, is a whole process of rainwater collection, that is, rainwater collection system.
Reuse process flow chart
Rainwater pipeline - - - sewage interception pipeline - - - rainwater discarding filter device - - - rainwater automatic filter - - - rainwater storage module - - - disinfection treatment - - - water point
The process flow chart shows that the initial rainwater passes through multi-channel pretreatment links to ensure the quality of the collected rainwater. The water storage module is used for water storage, which effectively ensures the water quality of water storage, and does not occupy space. The construction is simple, convenient, more environmentally friendly and safe. Through the pressure control pump and the rainwater controller, the rainwater can be easily sent to the water point. At the same time, the rainwater controller can reflect the water level of the rainwater reservoir in real time, so as to reach the water point.
The significance of rainwater harvesting: it can achieve energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection, reduce the discharge of rainwater, and make water advisable in drought and emergency (such as fire). In addition, it can be used for miscellaneous water in daily life, saving tap water and reducing the cost of water treatment.

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