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Composite Geomembrane

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Composite Geomembrane

Composite geomembrane is made of geotextile (base fabric can be filament or short fiber needle punched geotextile, woven geotextile).
Compound them on the surface of HDPE geomembrane by special process technology, it is multi-function anti-leakage liner (mat, film, membrane) with high strength, reinforcement, separation, drainage, protection and slip resistance.
Be of excellent quality and wide adaptability, adopted by digital constant temperature oven composite process with high precision, ultraviolet resistance, the width is up to 8 meters, can greatly reduce quality problem due to construction and other man-made cause, and accelerate the project progress.

item BZ-CG1
Width 1-8m(customization)
Length 50m,100m,200m(customization)
Thickness 0.1mm-6mm(customization)
Material HDPE and

Project Index
Nominal breaking strength / (kN / m) 5 7.5 10 12 14 16 18 20
Longitudinal and transverse rupture strength  kN /m 5.0 7.5 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 18.0 20.0
Standard strength corresponding to elongation /% 30-100
CBR bursting strength / kN ≥ 1.1 1.5 1.9 2.2 2.5 2.8 3.0 3.2
Vertical and horizontal tear strength / kN ≥ 0.15 0.25 0.32 0.40 0.48 0.56 0.62 0.70
Static water pressure resistance / MPa See the table below
Peel strength / (N / cm) ≥ 6
Vertical Permeability Index / (cm / s) Design or contractual requirements
Width deviation /% -1.0




· Wide width and less seam: The width can be up to six meters, compared with other similar narrow width products, it reduces the seams, the cost of the project and shorten the construction period. At the same time, it also reduces the hidden danger that caused by improper joint seam processing.
· Low cost and high efficiency: Compared with the traditional cloth and membrane separation, the use of composite geomembrane can improve the use effect, save more project time, reduce the cost of the project, the comprehensive benefit is obvious.
· Excellent aging resistance: Using buried laying can have longer service life.
· Good chemical stability: Water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, good plane surface drainage function and good seepage control effect.
· Good thermal insulation property: With unique thermal insulation, moisture, anti frost, anti freezing effect.

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Add:No.15 tongan industrial park, huandong sea, xiamen, fujian province, China
TEL:+86 18106987998
FAX:+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 18106987998