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Stainless steel Line drain covers/BZ

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Stainless steel Line drain covers/BZ

Channel drains are a proven alternative to traditional concrete drains with UV inhibitors are used to prevent fading and cracking from the sun, chemical-resistant, rustproof and maintenance-free, lightweight and easy to install. We has a full line of drainage products, fittings and accessories available.
Product overview:

Iterm NO Iterm NO:BZ-GB210 Iterm NO:BZ-GB220 Iterm NO:BZ-GB230
Material Stainless steel
Colour silvery
Size(mm) 1000mm*120mm 1000mm*220mm 1000mm*320mm
Water absorption Less than 0.05%
Application areas Widely used in decks, driveways, walkways ,etc

Key benefits:
1. With correct installation, channels and grates can withstand passenger vehicles
2. Easy to assemble and install
3. Variety of grate options to suit any purpose and aesthetic appeal
4. All products are "UV" inhibited
5. No clips or screws required to assemble
6. Grates have non-slip textured surface
7. Lightweight and durable.Channel Drain components are chemically-resistant and much lighter than concrete. Sections snap together for fast, easy installation.
8. Innovative design and versatility.The modular design of our Channel Drains allows for system flexibility.


· Driveways - Positioned between the garage and the driveway.
· Patios - Where water may be pooling.
· Swimming pools - Divert pool water away from grass.
· Sports Courts - When standing water could be hazardous.
· Gardens - Divert natural run off safely.
· Walkways - Drains pooling water safely and conveniently.

From your backyard patio to the neighborhood aquatic center, from the factory floor to a professional sports facility, We offers the right drainage solutions.
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Add:No.15 tongan industrial park, huandong sea, xiamen, fujian province, China
TEL:+86 18106987998
FAX:+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 0592 - 5527859
+86 18106987998